2019 Might Be The Year!

It’s funny how easy life seems growing up. Frankly speaking , as a kid I thought I’d say what I want as an adult and there we have it.  We were so used to wanting milk and having it, wanting candy and maybe not have it immediately but manipulate your mom/dad into getting it. Eventually, you do. That’s what matters. Story for another day?  I doubt I ever asked for milk though.

Writing hasn’t always been part of me but when I started  people around me made me believe I really could write. I’m not sure they only liked my writing because you cannot hurt a kid’s feelings or they actually did. Either way, it became a fun thing to do, and a part of me, I would say. Also it gave me so much pride to think that I could make people want to read something I put in writing from mere imagination. So my writing journey began back in primary school.  I should probably put it out there and say by ‘ people loving my writing’ I mean my family. Just in case someone from  my  school stumbles upon this and wonders which article I ever wrote.

The weird thing and this actually scared my dad out of his wits is that my stories were always sad, but with a happy ending just enough to show  I believe in happiness too.  Hold up, I’m not a sad person. It’s just was my style of writing then. Frankly speaking I’m not sure what I lean on now since I haven’t written a single article since last I cleared high school  9 years ago. We shall judge by the thread of articles. I’m happy to be back,  my mom is definitely happier, I hope to last, rather to be consistent.

So, 2019 might just be the year I go back to writing!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
–Anaïs Nin



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